Lobenhaus Properties

Lobenhaus Properties

Lobenhaus Properties

Lobenhaus Properties

About Us


Who we are

We are a family-owned real-estate investment company, focused on buying and managing apartment complexes in strong rental markets around the country. 


What we do

We source for strategically-located, under-performing properties, identify and fix the prevailing issues (rehab, optimizing property management, etc), and thereby reposition them to maximize returns for our investors. 

By working with a pool of investors we provide opportunities for individuals to benefit from the security in numbers found in owning apartment complexes, without a huge capital outlay.


Lobenhaus and You

Ever wondered what it would feel like to own an apartment complex, but didn't have the time or know-how?  

We provide a turnkey approach to investing in apartment complexes. Our transparency keeps our investors informed and confident their money is working hard. 


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